tired of trading hours for money?
CEOs & Executives - this one's for you:

Create Your own Lifestyle™ Right Now With the Money You Have Today.

With VIM®, you learn value investing 1:1 or in small groups of 4.
(unlike other courses, where you learn in large groups of 20 pax or more)
50+ Meaningful Relationships
with Mentees/Students
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What is VIM®/Value Investing Mentorship™?

VIM® is a value investing mentorship community (capped at 150 mentees/students) helping you build a life-changing stock investment skill you can use for the rest of your life.

We coach CEOs & Executives value investing (like Warren Buffett!) in small, focused groups (max 4) for deep learning and application. Invest in stocks confidently in 3-6 months with just 1-2 hrs/week. (we don't do day trading, we invest long-term!)

At VIM®, you can gain another incomE STREAM and MORE time + freedom to pursue the things that you enjoy and that give meaning to your life. - welcome to VIM®.

"I was able to use stats to justify whether to buy a stock instead of just pure feelings or just following the flow." - Augustine, Former BNI Ultimate Chapter President

Hi, I am Chris Susanto.

When I was younger, I made a decision to stop trading time for money.

Now that I've found a way, I want to help people with the same mindset.

Our private community is built to be small and high-quality. We are capping it at 150 mentees/students.

- Chris Susanto, Founder of VIM®
Board Member at BANSEA & SPGG

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VIM® is Your One Year
Mentorship Program.

Before I started my value investing journey, I was just like you, trading hours for dollars...

chris working in Carl's Jr.
I was :
  • Working at a tiring job
  • Feeling burnt out
  • Living a frugal lifestyle to save
  • Not sure how to start
  • Looking for a way out

To find the answer, I embarked on a journey to dive deep into what do millionaires and billionaires do differently than the majority of us to grow their wealth.

And after many years of making mistakes, reading books, listening to podcasts, attending investment courses and applying what I learnt diligently, I found the answer...

Today, I never have to worry about money and able to enjoy the lifestyle I want. Without having to work another 9-to-5 job since I found the answer.

I have spent the last 10+ years building what I have learned from the stock market into ONE program. Now is YOUR opportunity to learn how to build your wealth in a non-linear way (like the millionaires and billionaires do).

tired of watching others make money?
don't be left behind: because the stock market won't wait.

It's Time for the
Next stage of your life (:

10+ Years of my Investing Journey packed into this ONE program = VIM®.
VIM Mastery Program
The vim® Mastery Program

The VIM® Experience

One-Year VIM® Transformation
20 Personalized Coaching Sessions to guide your year-long journey, delivered at a comfortable pace with live support. No upsells, just deep learning and lasting transformation.
Active Stock Market Application
Weekly & monthly coaching sessions + active stock market application = progress. VIM® isn't just theory - it's actionable learning for real life change.
Monthly Mastermind & Community
Every month, be a part of our exclusive monthly mastermind, where the VIM community discuss the monthly stock case studies live. (82+ Case Studies & Counting!).
VIM Zoom meeting
join VIM® private community

Be A Part of a High Quality Community.

Be a part of our High Quality #VIMFamily that includes Forbes 30 under 30 honorees, Edge 35 under 35,
TEDx Speaker, Private Jet Pilot and many other amazing business owners and professionals.

Like what Warren Buffett said, if we surround ourselves with people better than us, we cannot help but improve (:

"If you are looking for someone who is not pushy and very nurturing to help you out in your investing journey, you should look for Chris." - Eugene Cheng, Partner at HighSpark | Forbes 30 under 30
VIM Community DinnerVIM Christmas Dinner
The VIM® Mastery Program

Real Transformation

Jake, Chief Marketing Officer of Motorist Singapore, achieved 100% annual return for his portfolio within half a year

VIM's 4M1S Framework gave Jake the extra time and  freedom to spend more time with his family, especially when he just had a son
“Chris is a knowledgeable, insightful and experienced investor. His 4M1S framework is a good foundation for anyone who wants to learn investing. Through his guidance, I’ve achieved 100% returns for my portfolio within half a year. Thanks Chris”
Jake Ler – Co-Founder of Motorist.sg, One of the fastest growing startup in Singapore
picture with jake
photo with haikal

Haikal, an undergraduate, made 90% in annual returns and won second from a stock pitch competition in UK, applying the knowledge he gained from VIM® Mastery Program

To him, VIM's community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and expert professionals gave him a diverse wealth of knowledge he can't find anywhere else
"The fortune to have Chris as a mentor is priceless. Within a year, I could confidently screen for potential investment opportunities, deep-dive and finally valuate."
Haikal Helmy – Business Economics Undergraduate, University of Exeter

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The vim® Mastery Program

Who is VIM® For

VIM® is NOT for you if :

You prefer to listen along in large courses with more than 20-30 people all at once
You want to binge-watch video courses without having to take action
You don't have an income and planning to make this your primary income
You are looking to get rich quick in a short period of time
You are not open to learn and apply because you only want stock tips

VIM® is FOR YOU if :

You prefer learning in small private groups of 4 high-quality and nice people
You want a course with higher probability of you understanding and applying
You have an income (i.e. Job) but you want to diversify and add your source of income
You are ready to learn and build your investment skills + wealth long-term
You are willing to set aside one hour a week for your learning and growth
The VIM® Mastery Program

Invest Smarter with VIM®

VIM Mastery Program
One Year of VIM® Private Mentorship Learning
The VIM® 4M1S Growth Framework
Direct 1:1 Coach Line with Chris
Monthly VIM® Stock Case Studies
Monthly VIM® Mastermind via Zoom
Members-only chatroom and portal
Access to bi-annual Networking event with the VIM® Community
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We want to know more about you! Let's have a quick 15-minutes Zoom Introductory Call to see if you are a good fit for VIM®?

"One of my investments already up 25%. Huat huat huat. #VIMFamily." - Ridjal Noor, Director at Saffrons, one of the best Halal Indian F&B Restaurant in Singapore
The VIM® Mastery Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a lot of money to start investing in stocks?
No, that's a common misconception.

You can start investing in stocks with as little as $3000-$5,000 as your starting capital.
How fast can I expect result from VIM®, if I join?
Within 3 months, you should be able to make your own investment decisions in the stock market.

Including how to analyze the quality of the business, management and value the stock.
Is value investing the same as trading?
Value investing are more medium to long-term in nature.

Value investing is a stock investing method popularized by Warren Buffett. We see stocks as owning shares of an actual business. When the business grows, we expect the share price to grow too, provided we bought it at an undervalued price.

Stock trading is not concerned about the value of the business, they are short term in nature and often involve margin/leverage.
Aren't stock investing, gambling?
No, that's a common misconception. Gamblers treat the stock market like a casino.

Investors treat the stock market as a platform to buy shares of great companies they like and understand, so they can grow together with it over the long term.
Who else is VIM® suitable for? (hint: more types of people than you expect)
Investors in other asset classes, such as real estate and gold, should also learn how to invest in stocks because from 1928 to 2023, stock returns (S&P 500) outperformed real estate and gold.

Source: New York University.

If you use financial advisors or bankers to help with your investments, it is always a good idea to learn it yourself so that you will be more holistic in your thinking about their advice and suggestions.

Have you attended other value investing courses before? That's good. Many VIM® mentees/students used to participate in other value-investing group courses but could not apply because they were conducted in large groups. With VIM®, because we only teach in small groups of 4 or 1:1, they finally applied and acquired value investing skill they can use for life.

Invested in an ETF or unit trust? Why not also learn how to pick individual companies within your circle of competence so you may invest in ETF or unit trust and pick certain high-conviction companies for potential outperformance in the stock market?

Burnt in the stock market because you listened to stock tips from friends or families? VIM® can help you learn and acquire the proper checklist and mental systems so you can make your own investment decisions next time instead of unthinkingly listening to people (: Plus, you can use this skill for life.

Stay calm if you are a complete beginner in stocks. Many of our mentees started as one, too, and they have come a long way since then.
What makes VIM® different from other value investing courses in Singapore?
Easy. We are more genuine. It will be more like a mentorship than an investment course because we ONLY teach 1:1 or in small groups of 4 (instead of large groups of 20-30 pax or more) over a year-long learning session.

Also, unlike other courses, we promise it's a one-time investment for the one-year coaching for a skill you can use for life. We will NEVER upsell you to other more "advanced courses" or ask you to pay more money to teach you more "advanced lessons".

Plus, we only teach LIVE (not video recordings), so you will be mentored/taught by Chris himself, the founder, instead of coaches under him.

So, overall, VIM's focus on deep learning and developing meaningful relationships with each of the mentees/students is what makes it different from other value-investing courses in Singapore.
Learn more about the VIM® experience

Still undecisive?

What will you lose with a free non-obligatory 15 min zoom call with Chris?
Maybe you'll lose 15 minutes of your time, but with everything to gain (:

"Hang out with people better than you, and you cannot help but improve." - Warren Buffett